Essay about Soft Determinism

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Soft Determinism Stace's theory of compatibilism has to deal with free will and its consistency with determinism. Soft determinism is the thought that coherent humans should be held responsible for their actions if those actions were voluntary. Actions can be both free and determined while still having the ability to be held as morally responsible. Hard determinism on the other hand states that every action is caused therefore making a person unable to be held responsible for anything they may do. Free will is all about having the choice to act on what a person wants to voluntarily do. To be determined is to already have an action planned out or decided. So how do both of these actions go together? An action can be determined …show more content…
My actions of cleaning my room today were caused because I did not like living in a dirty place, so according to hard determinism I was not responsible for cleaning my room. But I was completely responsible for sweeping the floor and picking up my clothes because I voluntarily choose to do it and in no way was forced to. In a much more serious situation, like vandalism, how would a person not be held responsible for vandalizing my room? The person who did the vandalizing acted that way freely, determined or not, thus it should be considered morally wrong and punishable. I believe most actions are caused by other actions but that does not mean that the outcome from previous actions has to result in a negative conclusion. And if an inappropriate, but determined, action does occur it should still be considered morally wrong unless acted on involuntarily. Determinism and free will are very much so used together in almost all actions made by anyone. Actions can be both free and determined while still having the ability to be held as morally responsible. Even if an action is acted on freely that gives it no right to not be held responsible for just because it was a caused or determined action. I strongly disagree with D'Holbachs theory of hard determinism and believe in soft determinism to decide on punishment for any

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