Essay on Sof-a-Logue

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Project Type: MKT 651 Unit 1 Individual Project

Sof-A-Logue is a top social media company focused on dedicating it’s time to the way customers converse in the virtual and wireless world. Customers stay in touch by email, text, voice email and picture, which Sof-A-Louge aim to make a better experience.

Introduction Sof-A-Logue is creating a new marketing plan which will help them to become more recognizable to new markets and customers. Facebook and LinkedIn are also social media companies which we will use to compare strategies.
Part 1: Brief Background of the Companies LinkedIn was started by Reid Hoffman in 2002. LinkedIn is about helping customers be more
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To make life easier for customers, Sof-A-Logue will create one new message that is clear and to the point allowing customers to remember it (Aziz, 2010). Another strategy is The Slightly-Better Syndrome. The marketing team at Sof-A-Logue will create ads and campaings that are slightly better than the competitions using customer surveys and research. The Zero-risk free entry strategy will give customers the opportunity to experience the company and it’s benefits. Sof-A-logue will make access to their site cost free. Interviewing current customers will help to understand what the customers want and how to get their needs fulfilled.
Part 2: Analysis of linkages to 4 Ps The Marketing consists of price, place, product and promotion. The marketing mix helps you define the marketing elements for successfully positioning your market offer ("The marketing mix," 2011). The price that Sof-A-Logue will not charge for their customers to create a profile. However the Book-logue and Read-a-logue will offer a low cost annual subscription rate. Consumers will be able to access Sof-A-Logue from anywhere because it will be accessible online, hence the sofa. The product will be the ease and convenience of communicating. Promotion will be done through word of mouth, email, press releases and advertising through various media outlets.Sof-A-Logue will also engage in the community to build support for the brand by doing volunteer work and hosting community events. The company will also start

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