Sodium Azide And Methyl Bromide

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Sodium Azide

There is perhaps not a lot known about this chemical and what it can do to/for people. One important aspect is to know what the chemical is made of, doing so will give someone a general look into its makeup. Secondly, “What is something we use this chemical for in everyday life”. Lastly, “How does this affect our cell breathing process?” From these topics, one can gather a general sense of what this substance does and whether or not it should be strayed away from.

Of course it contains Sodium (NA), but it also has three nitrogen (N) that forms this potentially dangerous compound. If you were to do an image search on Sodium Azide one would come across a white- powdery substance that makes it look like common household items; such as powdered sugar, flour, and salt. However,
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Although, the use for sodium azide in terms of pesticide is obviously completely different. It is actually used as an alternative to Methyl Bromide. Methyl Bromide, is “often used as a good fumigant against insects, termites, rodents, weeds, nematodes, and soil- borne diseases” ( Many have also used this chemical to “fumigate agricultural commodities, grain elevators, mills, ships, clothes…” ( names are different, but Methyl Bromide and Sodium Azide do have some similarities. For example, bromomethane, is a colorless gas which is usually odorless, but has a sweet, chloroform odor at high concentrations. It may not cause a spontaneous explosion, but it is a hazard under sparks and flames. This chemical is highly toxic to the human body causing “dizziness, vision and hearing disturbances, depression, confusion, hallucinations” ( and etc. However, when inhaled it does cause the lungs to swell and start bronchial pneumonia under high exposure. It also was not just used for pesticide, methyl bromide has been applied to being a refrigerant and as a fire-extinguishing agent

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