Socrates Essay

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Don Charles Hodges Jr.
Dr. Kevin Windham
History 101 - 50
9 October 2012
Socrates Obituary Assignment
Don Hodges,
The Athens Daily
Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.)
ATHENS- The city of Athens is one step closer to aspiring back to the great city we once were as the antagonist Socrates is dead. The seventy-one year old was sentenced to death by the Athenian courts days ago on charges of impiety and corruption of youth. A native of Athens, he was born the son of the stonemason Sophroniscus and Phainarete. The spouse of Xanthippe and father of three he lived a rather abusive home life. This is possibly due to another relationship in which he cared for the concubine Myrto. Initially a prosperous infantry man in the athenian army he left
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After the break up of the first democracy he was a friend and supporter of a few prominent tyrants that took the reins of the state. The results of his work left Socrates out of money even with the support of his tyrant companions Critias and Charmides funding. Guided by a divine voice he lived the remainder of his days examining the thoughts of his peers, along with sharing his experiences with the youth of Athens. Under scrutiny of the Athenian courts for his unorthodox practices, and notably his relationships with certain enemies of the state, he was tried and sentenced to death by hemlock for his corruptions of the state. He died in a room full of peers as they pondered some of his last questions before he drank the hemlock under his own will as instructed by the state. Pallbearers were Plato (a pupil and later writer of the late Socrates), Xenophon (writer and critic of Socrates philosophies), Critias (one of the tyrants who supported and funded some of Socrates work), Charmides (another companion that helped support the beliefs of Socrates).
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