Socrates 's Views On Socrates Essay

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Alcibiades complains that Socrates has not been a good lover to him and has never loved him. He felt Socrates makes him feel belittled and that his life is worthless. He complains that Socrates is leading him on in their relationship by engaging in Alcibiades activities and not pursuing him. Alcibiades is giving and showing Socrates everything he has to offer but Socrates does not appreciate it and just dismisses him. Socrates is not taking his gestures seriously which is making Alcibiades feel ashamed for addressing his feelings toward Socrates.

Alcibiades complains that he has to prove himself all the time to everyone but mostly to Socrates whose opinion matters the most to him. He wishes for Socrates to not be around him but he could not live without Socrates in his life even though Alcibiades mocks him by saying he looks identical to a satyr. He is depicting Socrates as a cunning man that takes advantage of people’s feelings toward him.

Alcibiades complains that he thought Socrates only had eyes for him and he would have a good chance at getting Socrates because of his looks. He wanted Socrates to have is way with him and teach him everything he knew so that he would be his only lover something that he had longed for. After his many attempts to get Socrates alone with him like the gymnasium and the private dinner so that Alcibiades could express his love for Socrates it all came to an end when Socrates rejected his offer at love. Socrates made him feel like a slave…

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