Essay on Socrates 's View On Life

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How do we truly know what is right? Do we listen to our governments even if they’re incorrect? Do we go above the people in charge and ignore the rules put in place? While it’s hard to argue exactly what we should do when it comes to obeying the law or even someone that is higher up, it really boils down to the person at hand. ----INTRO STILL NEEDS TO BE FINISHED AND COMPLETED----- Fate; Some believe in it, others don’t and the rest are indifferent. Are out lives truly laid out in front of us from the time we’re born? Socrates would argue that we should in fact just allow fate to take its course and as well that we should do as the state says. While imprisoned in Plato’s work The Crito, Socrates refuses to escape even when numerous people are willing to help him along, going as far as justifying why he must stay within the prison.
Then, my excellent friend, we must not think so much of what the many will say of us, we must think of what the one man, who understands right and wrong, and of what Truth herself will say of us. And so you are mistaken to begin with, when you invite us to regard the opinion of the multitude concerning the right and the honourable and the good, and their opposites. But, it may be said, the multitude can put us to death? (Plato 37) By Socrates thinking, who are we to decide on what is the truth and question those that are higher above us? People are placed in charge over the rest of us for a reason after all, to keep order and stop chaos from…

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