Socrates 's View On Justice Essay

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Justice is concerned with fairness and morality and virtue, a person who is just is not selfish and will willingly do the right thing no matter the effect it has on them. Justice demands this willingness to be fair, this is a characteristic that is extremely rare to come by. It is human nature to be concerned with the effects a certain action will have on yourself. A just person possesses the ability to set their thoughts about themselves aside and to act in a way that betters the whole (group, city, population). A just person is also willing to stand for what is right no matter the odds or number of people against them. When Socrates and Crito are arguing in the Crito, Crito shows concern for the “public opinion”. Socrates goes on to argue that doing the right thing is what must happen no matter the consequences that it could potentially bring about. Socrates is willing to disregard the public opinion because he thinks that the truly knowledgeable people will see the good in a just action. In the Crito, Socrates goes as far as to say that living justly is a means to say that one is living well, “living well is to live honourable and justly”. If we consider Socrates’ “living well” as the equivalent to Aristotle’s “eudaimonia”, Aristotle would object to this statement, and I would encourage myself to do the same.
Aristotle describes eudaimonia, or good life, as the short way of reaching a final end. He believes that it is not a guarantee that one reaches eudaimonia even if…

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