Socrates 's Theory Of Socrates Essays

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In the beginning of this writing by Plato, Crito arrives at the prison to give Socrates bad news (43c). First, Socrates wonders if the ship arrives, because when the ship arrives, Socrates must die (43d). However, Crito is there because he is worried about losing Socrates and he wants to try to save him. Therefore, Crito then begins by asking Socrates to listen to his reasoning so that he could be saved (44b-c) because he does not want to lose Socrates as a friend and he does not want anybody to think wrong of him. Crito offers Socrates money and a safe place to go after he has escaped because Socrates dying would also be bad for Socrates’ sons because they would no longer have a father and they would grow up to think that Socrates has done something bad when in actuality, Crito thinks that Socrates was wrongly accused of the crime (45d). However, Socrates states that he only wishes to do what is best when he has reflected on the situation and found one result which seems to be just (46b). First, Socrates states that a person should not disregard what he feels to be important to his own values over another person’s values because this will likely cause harm to the person not following their own values (47b-c). Another reason that it would be unjust to Socrates to escape when he was already convicted of his crime (48c-d). This should also be followed even in the case when somebody has been wronged, with this, they should not do anything wrong in return (49a-b). This argument…

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