Socrates 's Speech On The Apology Essay

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While reading The Apology, I have learned that Socrates is not actually sorry or apologizing at all. Meletus has bought to the jury several accusations against Socrates and he now has to defend himself to try to avoid the death penalty. When approaching the jury, Socrates announces that he speaks in a plain manner. I would personally take him announcing his way of speaking to the jury as somewhat of an apology, just so they would not think he was careless and disrespectful. He also makes a request that the jury be open minded to what he has to say and not go off of hearsay and/or ill feelings others have towards him. One thing that is mentioned is men from all over could partake in the voting of his fate, which Socrates felt did not make sense as they were experts in that field. Socrates mentions that wisdom characterizes the best life for a human being. I believe he is correct in many ways for making this statement. During the time that Socrates lived, not many people lived long at all. It was mentioned in class that many did not even make it into early childhood. If you were to live in your teens, you were considered lucky. Socrates lived well into his seventies which was extremely rare. He lived to see many things and not only that he conversed with many people. For him to live as long as he did, you definitely obtained some wisdom especially for the type of human being that he was. He was knowledgeable about many things and was blessed to be able to share his knowledge…

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