Socrates 's Speech About Love Essays

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This passage starts out with Aristodemus wondering where Socrates is going since he is all dressed up. Socrates says that he is going to dinner at Agathon’s house. Socrates then invites Aristodemus to come along. When they arrive, Aristodemus is the only one to enter the house while Socrates stops and goes into deep thought. Agathon invites him over to the couch and Aristodemus insists that Socrates will come in soon and not to bother him. They follow his advice and Socrates comes in a short time later. When he does, Agathon brings up wisdom that he can learn from Socrates after his pondering. Socrates fires back and mocks him. Then, everyone decides that they will only drink what they want and not get drunk. They decide to talk about something and they have Phaedrus start the conversation about love. Next, we move onto Aristophanes 's speech about love. He starts off by saying that in order to understand love, we need to understand the true nature of mankind and the struggles that we have been through. First, he says that there were three genders: males, females, and androgyne (male and female). These all had duplicate everything. The males were the son of Father Helios, the females were daughters of Mother Earth and the androgynes were children of the Moon. The once tried to attack Zeus and Zeus knew he had to punish them, but did not know how because he did not want to let them off or kill off the entire population. He decided that he must split them in two. When he did…

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