Essay on Socrates 's Philosophy And Philosophy

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Ancient Greeks lives center on their gods, and their daily lives consist of trying to live as piously as possible. Piety is the core moral laws during this time. To live piously is to live in harmony with the gods. It is extremely important that they must please the gods, that to act any other ways, acting impiously, is illegal and will result in punishment. Socrates is one philosopher that lives during this time. Socrates would go about the city, questioning people about their beliefs and understanding of any subject. He believed that helping his fellow men understand that they do not truly know anything will be beneficial to them. As Apollo told Socrates, he is the wisest because he knows that he does not know. When Meletus accused Socrates’s philosophy and his practices as impious, Socrates vigorously attempts to defend himself and his ideologies, while struggling to help the jury understand what piety really means. Despite the verdict, Socrates remains pious through his own understanding of what piety is. Piety and impiety’s meanings and concepts are never as concrete as one would like. The word piety is rather an inappropriate translation. The Ancient Greek word is “eusebeia, meaning a suitably reverent attitude towards groups or institution demanding respect, and, in particular, religious institutions” (Jones, 1990, 21). Ancient Greeks believed that good relationships between humans and gods are needed for personal as well as communal prosperity. In…

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