Essay on Socrates ' Views On Self Control

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As a philosopher, Socrates’ views mainly focus on ethics and other rational behaviors in the society (Schultz and Paul 137). Based on his philosophical ideas and concepts, we can draw a lot of values including those dealing self-control and ones such as social justice and courage. Socrates wanted the society to adopt ethical behaviors that will promote ultimate happiness and good care of human soul (Schultz and Paul 138). He believed that the quality of our soul is more important than our richness, and people should strive to live well and happy in the society (Deslandes 326). Despite this, there are those who argue that Socrates’ views about self-control were mainly paradoxical (Schultz and Paul 141). He argued that feelings and desires should not control our ability to do well to others in the society.
Furthermore, at the age of seventy Socrates was charged for not believing in the Olympian gods as well as for corrupting the youths, especially due to his constant questioning of nature and wisdom (Deslandes 325). Due to this, he was found guilty and condemned to death. Despite this, Socrates’ was considered one of the most prominent and intelligent philosophers in the society (Schultz and Paul 144). Based on Xenophon teachings, Socrates’ views on self-control are clearly highlighted including his freedom from the strong appetites for food, drink, sex and other physical comforts that other people cannot have control in their life (Deslandes 327). For example, he was…

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