Socrates ' Views Of Socrates And Plato Essay

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In order to discern the personas of Socrates, one can create an image of him and his scope using the works of Aristophanes and Plato; specifically Clouds, Ion and The Republic. Even though Socrates’ thoughts and ideas were never personally composed, one can dissect the works of these authors in order to adequately gain an understanding of Socrates’ convictions as a philosopher. There is a solid distinction between the two authors; Plato wrote mostly philosophical dialogues, whereas Aristophanes was a comedic playwright. It is also worth mentioning that Plato was a student of Socrates and did not write about his ideas until after he expired, prior to that, Aristophanes was ridiculing him hilariously while he was still alive. In order to differentiate the context in which Socrates is brought to life in any of their writings, it is important to remember these details when thinking about their possible motives regarding his portrayal. It’s safe to say the both authors display Socrates in his most natural light, as the kind of teacher and philosopher he was. This was as one who would initiate dialogue with others in order to attempt to reach conclusions pertaining to philosophical outlooks on justice, religion and science. Aristophanes uses Socrates’ rhetoric as means to inform and even insult. There is no doubt that Aristophanes explores important issues, but does so in a way that gives us Socrates as somewhat of a lighthearted protagonist who even though he knows Strepsiades…

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