Essay on Socrates ' Theory Of The Soul

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In Plato’s dialogue Meno, one of the ideas discussed by Socrates that of the immortality of the soul. Socrates outlines his belief that the soul is immortal and possesses all knowledge available; thus there is no such thing as learning instead recollecting information. Even though one of the greatest philosophical minds that has ever lived, Socrates, believed in the idea of the immortality of the soul, there are some flaws with this concept. One flaw is that Socrates’ justification for his belief is lacking concrete evidence, and instead relies heavily on faith. Another flaw is that, in terms of the recollection of knowledge, Socrates does not use viable methods in order to prove that his theory is valid. In Meno Socrates argues for the immortality of the soul, but his argument has flaws in that he lacks justification for his belief in this concept and also that he does not use valid examples in order to prove his point. Socrates’ theory of the immortality of the soul is one of the most important theories that he advocates for in Meno. In Meno Socrates states, “...the human soul is immortal; at times it comes to an end, which they call dying; at times it is reborn, but it is never destroyed…”(Plato 81b). This quotation outlines the basics of Socrates’ theory. He states that the the soul is indestructible and eternal. Although it may cease to exist in one form, it always survives in another. Henceforth, in terms of human life, the body is only just a vessel for the soul.…

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