Socrates : The Apology Of Socrates Essay

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In the Apology of Socrates there is not real evidence of true impiety for the Athenian government, but Socrates does put forth feelings of arrogance and self-confidence within himself and his beliefs. Throughout Socrates’ trial he hardly questions anyone which would be seen in a traditional trial, he often goes on tangents and laments about the injustices of the world in large words that perhaps many of the people there did not understand which leads to him being seen as impious and rejecting traditional Athenian values.
In the beginning of his trial Socrates talks about how he had never been to court in his more than seventy years of life, and that because he wasn’t accustomed to their language he would talk in the language he had learned, in other words he would talk eloquently with large words that many people wouldn’t understand if they were not highly educated. He continues on to talk about wisdom and how other see him as one of the wisest men, but he travels to people that have perfected their craft and claim to be wise in a broad array of subjects when in reality they are not wise. This seems to promote his own arrogance by saying that because he knows he doesn’t know everything he is wise. To the audience I think this does as well because he is already on trial for impiety and destruction of the youth, yet he still continues to promote his wisdom and how much better he is than everyone through his teachings and his thoughts which is the opposite of what people that…

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