Why Is Socrates Wrong

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Socrates, in defending himself against the accusations of corrupting the youth, uses a self devised method consisting of questions aimed at bringing to light the contradictions found in his accuser’s answers. His ferocious questions fired upon the ignorance of his respondents, who avowed a great deal of wisdom. Meletus, the leading accuser of Socrates, is convinced that Socrates is a wicked being who deliberately partakes in vandalizing the society he resides in. Furthermore, Meletus confirms that everyone but Socrates is fit to aid the development of the youth. To Socrates, Meletus’s views were to be heavily contested from a holistic and philosophical approach. In other words, I felt like Socrates dwelled on the fundamental errors of the accusations against him. Socrates focused on the bigger picture of the situation, he used logic to def …show more content…
This is Socrates showing his understanding in what goes around comes around, that if one does no good, it will soon come back to harm them. Socrates is trying to prove that it makes no sense for one to intentionally do wrong when it harms them as well. He says, “Is there anyone, then, who wishes to be harmed by those he associates with, rather than to be benefited?” (Page 8). To Socrates this is a result of not knowing, or ignorance. By painting himself as a person who understand such a concept places Meletus and his accusation under pressure. I do agree with Socrates, and I believe that a person with such understanding does not partake in evil activities out of self will. A person can be unaware of such action and as a result seem wicked and harmful. Ignorance should not be seen as the same as wickedness. To

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