Socrates Definition Of Beauty Essay

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We can acknowledge that beauty takes place in the aesthetic notion, which is the case of perceiving a subject without other purposes than appreciating it. This attitude is purposeless, because its involvement is to seek aesthetic pleasure. (Borghini) According to ancient Greek philosophy that extended into the seventh century there were philosophies on definition of beauty. “As a general term, the Greeks perceived beauty as interchangeable with excellence, perfection, and satisfaction.” (“Philosophies of Beauty”) Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were the great figures during this time period to have philosophies about the definition of beauty.
It was Socrates who first attempted to explore the definition of beauty, and he felt that aesthetics was a form of purity. (Greenwald) His theory was if you found pleasure in objects, there were to be found beautiful. This idea can be considered a form of beauty, but can be restricted. During Socrates lifetime, beauty could be easily measured by the standard of the gods, which was a stately and proportionate sculpture. “Good looks and proper bearing were important to a man’s political prospects.”(“Socrates”) Beauty and god-like looks was linked into the popular imagination. Socrates himself was a simplest; he found pleasure in the effortless geometric shapes, single colors, and musical notes.
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But in Plato’s Philebus, beauty consists of symmetry and exactness. The measure of beauty is structured and related to intelligence. (“Philosophy of Beauty”) Plato thought beauty was defined by a property of the whole object, and this property remains in the same irrespective of whether someone admires the object or not. He also thought relative beauty exists only in the comparison with ugly objects. Plato came up with the most logical philosophy that beauty couldn’t be defined. If there are some things that have "ideal beauty," then no one can consider it not beautiful.

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