Socrates ' Critique Of Poetry Essay examples

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For my final paper, I will be answering the questions posed by Socrates’ critique of poetry and most interestingly, Socrates’ statement that poetry would have to make a better argument for itself if it is to be allowed into the just city. I will be agreeing with the claim Socrates makes regarding poetry’s inclusion into the city and I will attempt to draw the conclusion that Socrates would support that poets are like painters. Painters and poets appeal to a part of our souls that is not rational, and give representations of hero’s and gods; we are attracted to them because they are magnificently written. However, the poets present a danger. Their products seduce and attract us in a bad way, and only deal in mimesis. There are two kinds of poetry allowed; the praise to the gods and songs to the hero’s. Poets make their defense be stating that the people aren’t poets themselves but are lovers of poetry. I agree with Socrates’ argument that that poetry is beneficial to the state and can be utilized to instruct us on matters of the state. I will begin by analyzing Socrates’ critique of poetry by introducing the basis for the critique, which begins in Book III. I will then look at Socrates’ own arguments against poetry and conclude that section with my assessment of the strength of his arguments. I will also look at the danger of imitation in poetry as it pertains to various citizens in the state. In the end, I do agree with Socrates that poetry would have to make a…

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