Socrates And The Trial Of Philosophy Essay

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At the time of Socrates arrest he was 70 years old. He was arrested on the charges of believing in false gods and for corrupting the minds of the youth. These charges have philosophical reflections within them. This trial holds great importance for philosophy. The Trial of Socrates can also been seen as the Trial of philosophy. Socrates was a job less philosopher whose only form of income was what little donations received from others he met. Socrates walked around and spread knowledge and philosophy to others. Many people did not like Socrates because he would play the devil’s advocate whenever he talked with someone on the streets, he questioned everyone and always took the opposite side of others beliefs. This did not benefit Socrates in the courtroom. In section 20 C one of the jurors asked: “But Socrates, what is your occupation?” At this time occupation determined importance within society. However, because he had no true occupation, therefore he had no high importance to the city. This dislike people already had toward him did not help in the court house.
Socrates wisdom comes from the oracle god Delphi, as stated in 30b “Be sure that this is what the god orders me to do... there is no greater blessing for the city than my service to the god”. This god receives her insight from putting her face in sulfur, which causes a high from it. The Socratic wisdom, according to Socrates, is knowing that knowledge has its limits and not everyone knows all. Socrates says that…

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