Socrates And The Athenian Justice Essay

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Socrates was born in the year 470 BC. in Athens, Greece. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a midwife. Socrates was the first Greek philosophers who died unjustly condemned by the Athenian justice. Socrates was a classic philosopher, stood out for his human qualities, spiritual integrity, social pedagogy and moral greatness; he devoted his life to the education of young people, without earning a penny. His wise teachings, who opposed the Sophists of the time, help to shape ethical conduct and build a better world. Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth through their new religious ideas away from the principles of democracy, be the state criminal and enemy of the city, being an evil and despicable person, having conspired against the Athenian democracy and being a teacher reviews and Alcibiades. Socrates was imprisoned and unjustly sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. While Socrates was in jail, he was visited by his best friend criton, who insistently persuade him the possibility of escape, but Socrates made clear his principles and consistency in his thoughts and actions demonstrating a sense of morality and respect for justice. Socrates made clear his conservative and moralistic view of life and its high sense of patriotism and respect for the system by which their status was governed. Criton showed a great interest in the idea that Socrates escape during their dialogue. But, Socrates clinged to his principles and values such as justice,…

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