Socrates And The Apology Of Socrates Essay

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In Plato’s, The Apology, Socrates uses several tactics in attempting to prove his innocence. In an attempt to dispel the accusations bestowed upon him, Socrates enlists the use of analogies to prove his innocence. The horse trainer analogy is used to justify Socrates’ position and aid in his overall argument. The use of this analogy and the argument presented prove to be weak and insufficient causing his overall argument to suffer. Socrates is accused by Menelaus, a member of the Greek court, of corrupting the youth and being an atheist. He is charged with misleading the youth by teaching about false gods. According to Menelaus, everyone in the community is enhancing the development of the youth while Socrates is disrupting their growth. ”Can these people educate the young, and do they have an improving influence?...My goodness, what welcome news, and what a generous supply of benefactors you speak of!”.(25) Socrates states that he finds it hard to believe that he is the only person corrupting the youth. In presenting his defense, he draws an analogy to horse trainers and their owners. He states that there are more horse owners than trainers, but it is only the trainers that have the most influence, positive influence, on the horses. Socrates finds these accusations to be unjustified because he believes he is a part of the collective few positively influencing the youth. He argues that since trainers, who are trained specialized individual, positively influence horses the…

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