Sociopath Research Paper

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To feel or not to be able to feel
Sociopaths are known in society for committing violent crimes with no remorse. Sociopathy is a former term for Antisocial Personality behavior Disorder. Sociopaths are known for feeling no guilt and committing crimes, but most sociopaths aren't criminals but are people you can come in contact with every day and never know that they are sociopathic; from your charismatic coworker to the over friendly cashier who checks out your groceries. It is estimated though that the frequency of people who depict sociopathic behavior is almost 4% (Adams). Amazingly many people know nothing about this disorder and are not aware of sociopaths in society. Sociopaths are entirely self-serving and are
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Patients generally do not believe they have a problem. Usually sociopaths end up in treatment programs because they were pressured by their family members or mandated by court order. Treatment is individualized. Sociopathic tendencies tend to manifest during childhood and if left untreated continues into adulthood. Many children who are deprived of parental love and affection or have been physically or sexually abused show sociopathic tendencies (“How Sociopathy is treated”). The best form of treatment is preventative care. This is addressing the sociopathic behavior at a young age. In order to properly diagnose a sociopath they have to be at least eighteen years old and have shown sociopathic tendencies from the age of fifteen or younger. Before the age of eighteen the behavior is called conduct disorder (“How Sociopathy is treated”). Addressing the conduct disorder is by helping the child channel their anger and emotions in a healthy manner and build better behaviors. There are three other types of treatment. The types of treatment include therapy, drugs, and physical treatments. The types of therapy are behavioral, cognitive, and psychotherapy. Behavioral therapy is based on the premise that sociopathic behavior was learned from childhood. The goal is to learn the triggers and teach the sociopath coping behaviors and replace unwanted behaviors with positive ones. Cognitive therapy is based on the idea that the way we think governs our behavior. By replacing disordered thoughts and feelings we can change behavior. For sociopaths they have to observe how a well-adjusted person responds to challenging situations to help with anger management and social skills (“How Sociopathy is treated). “ Psychotherapy takes an empathic approach to sociopathy delving into the inner world of the patient to help him or her understand the deep-rooted causes behind antisocial behaviors. Psychotherapist consider

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