Sociology a-Levels Pastpapers

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AQA AS Sociology Unit 2 Education (with research methods) past exam questions 2010-2013 During your 2hr exam you will answer questions on: 1. Education (2,6,12,20 marks) 2. Education (in the context of Research Methods) (20 marks) 3. Research methods (2,4,8,20 marks) 1. Education 2 mark questions * Explain what is meant by the term “labelling‟ The process of attaching a meaning or definition to a person/pupil, or similar. * Explain what is meant by the ‘correspondence principle’. Education mirroring the workplace, or similar. * Explain what is meant by the term ‘meritocracy’. Equal opportunity or a system in which rewards are based on achievement/ability or similar. * Explain what is …show more content…
* Suggest three factors within schools that may lead to the educational under-achievement of pupils from some minority ethnic groups.  teachers’ racist/negative labelling  ethnocentric curriculum  self-fulfilling prophecy as a result of internalising negative label  discriminatory admission and selection policies  more likely to be placed in a lower stream  anti-school subcultures among some black boys  institutional racism. * Identify three policies that may promote the marketisation of education. • publication of exam league tables • publication of Ofsted reports • voucher schemes for school/nursery places • formula funding/all pupils attracting the same amount of funding • open enrolment/allowing schools to recruit as many pupils as they can • schools competing for pupils • schools opting out of local authority control • encouragement of greater diversity of school types (specialist schools, academies, faith schools, cooperatives, free schools, etc) • business sponsorship of schools • private (fee-paying) schools. * Identify three educational policies that may have contributed to social class differences in achievement. • the tripartite system/ the eleven-plus exam/Butler Act/1944 Act • streaming • marketisation • private schooling • fees for higher

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