Essay Sociology Writting Assignment 5

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An Analytic Review of “Climate Change, Coming Home”
By: Cory Walker
Sociology 111
Ivy Tech Community College
November 24, 2013

We have been hearing about climate change for several decades now. How climate change will effect populations is addressed thoroughly in this article. The four main effects we will experience are food supply shortages, wide spreading diseases, weather extremes, and rising sea levels. Food supply will be affected because droughts and heat waves will harm the crops. Diseases will come through insects such a mosquitos that carry Malaria. An example given in the article is that of a small, dry area in Africa. They don’t have much rain so there water supply was not very reliable. They built a
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Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and enforcement of environmental laws and policies to all races, religions, color, and sex. Policies in the United States enforcing laws that benefit the environment are taken seriously by all offenders. The biggest and most common law enforced is the littering of trash. Littering of our trash not only makes for an unclean looking town, but it also has an impact of our water ways. The trash gets swept up by our water ways and eventually ends up in our oceans. This trash contaminates the water and our fish that we eat. This creates an unhealthy seafood supply for our population. Other environmental policies are also in place to sustain our earth, and environmental justice is widely practiced in our country. Globalization is the integration of technology and ideas throughout the world. In relation to climate change, globalization will be beneficial in promoting awareness of the predicted changes in climate and how that might impact people in their environments. Globalization and the enhancement of technology allow us to communicate beyond our borders. Governments can come together to decide what policies and laws are needed to protect the environment and attempt to reverse climate change. Climate change is said to be great caused by the increasing world population. China is one of the most populated

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