Essay on Sociology : Sociology Research And Technology

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Sociology research and technology “If we knew what is was we were doing,” Albert Einstein once said, “it would not be called research, would it?” (1). The marrying of research and social science are indisputable, often times, answering the unknowns of humankind and our interaction with each other. Overall, I have found social science to be very interesting, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about each sub discipline within the subject; yet, psychology and sociology are the most intriguing. As discussed previously in the course, the two-sub discipline go hand in hand; however, the focus of this paper will be on the different technology used in the research of sociology. Sociologist have many means of conducting research, for example: surveys, experiments, field research, or data analysis. Furthermore, technology is used to enhance all of these methods, allowing scientist to better formulate a hypothesis and publish the results of their research.
Surveys, is defined as, “A research method that collects data from respondents through a series of questions either in the form of a questionnaire or an interview.” (2). Whether it is a questionnaire or an interview, technology has greatly enhanced the survey method of research. For example, a questionnaire prior to the advancements of computer and smart phones relied heavily on people sending out a set of questions through the mail. Furthermore, those who sent out a questionnaire would have to postpone their research,…

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