Sociology Of The Way Society Works And How People Interact Within It

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Sociology is the study of the way society works and how people interact within it. Sociology consists of many different theories focussing on the way society is shaped and the way people live within their own societies (Van Krieken, 2000). The following essay will focus on two of those theories, Weberianism and Functionalism, and some of the concepts these theories explore. The essay will also explore the way these theories affect the knowledge of health practitioners as well as contemplating the inability for either theory be the perfect fit in terms of a model for health care delivery. In order to do this, the basic concepts of these two theories and the way they view the structure of society will be examined as well as a comparison of some of the ways these theories both agree and differ in the views they propose. Finally, the ways in which these theories affect the knowledge of health practitioner’s will be examined, with particular attention paid to the theories of Rationalization, the Biomedical Model, and the Sick Role.
Weberianism is a sociological perspective which focusses on the way an individual’s class and statues affect the society they are a part of, as well as the effects of a bureaucratic and standardized society (Germov, 2014). One sociological aspect Weberianism explores is “vulnerable populations”, such as the poor, and the effects that class, status, and unequal distribution of power have on their life chances (Dillon, 2014 as cited by Davis, Birks &…

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