Sociology Of The Bible By C. Wright Mills Essay

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Sociology is the study of development, structure, and functioning of human society. Through learning concepts and ways society works I can clearly see how faith is integrated into how one gains sociological knowledge. Though my faith I can see how the readings relate and help me understand concepts of sociology. Through my knowledge of faith through the Bible and preaching I can see the different ways faith is connected to sociology. In the Bible I see the different ways it portrays me to experience and view a certain topic. In a writing by C. Wright Mills he describes sociological imagination to be as so, "The vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.” By growing up with a background of reading the Bible it affects how I interpret things we learn in sociology. An example that I see myself view a certain topic in a specific way is the poor or underclass citizens. In the reading, “The Uses of the Underclass in America,” I saw how this could be very true in todays society. In this story people view the poor as criminals, lesser than them, or just undeserving people. I think in todays society the majority of people really do view the poor like this. High class citizens carry themselves as if they are better than the poor, or less fortunate. I think it is wrong how people can view a whole group as lesser than them for something as simple as how much money you have or how much money you make. My faith has influenced me to view people…

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