Essay about Sociology Of Crime And Deviance

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AC 1.
In this essay I will be explaining the distinction between crime and deviance within society and be able to provide illustrative examples to acquire an easy understanding of them. Later, evaluate and compare some sociological perspectives and their points of views in terms of crime and deviance as well as recognising limitations about particular methods of measure crime.
Deviance is not defined as an act of crime regarding to laws and rules, on the contrary deviance is an act of abnormality depending on the social system that you live in. Deviance varies depending on time, place, community and culture; for instance, within Muslim men culture is allowed to get married with five wives but for other religions is an act of impurity and immorality, another example could be those people who harm themselves to obtain satisfaction and is seen as a test of courage, nevertheless for other communities is a deprecated act. However, in some cases deviance is seen as a harmless and tolerated act, for example gatherers or a person who lives with many cats, probably they are affecting their health but are not disturbing others.
In addition to this, some deviant acts such as the misuse of alcohol or the attempt to suicide are not penalised with prison as are not a threat to the community and it is required extra help from other organisations. As a conclusion, a deviant act looks at the person as a part of a community instead of looking at them as…

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