Sociology Is A Study Of Society Essay

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Sociology is believed to be the study of society. It is also defined as a social science involving the social lives of people, groups and societies (June 17). On the other hand, sociologist might study people that have primary goals and share certain activities or culture. An example of this could be the issue on racial discrimination within the United States workforce on how African Americans are treated and looked upon in society today during job searches. According to C. Wright Mills he stated “The sociological imagination allow for its possessor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals (Mills 1959)”.
More importantly an example of this would be how our social surroundings affects us and to question why we do certain things. Such as people choosing to go to college and rack up loans knowing they would have to pay it back in the future but they believe they have no choice because society implanted it in their head that if they want the American dream of a stable job, big house, and a family that loan will be worth it at the end. Then later on in the future the person reached his or her goal of that American dream but later saw an old friend who did not make the same choice and decided to drop out of school and was working minimum wage job. That is when he or she learned to value the opportunity they have acquired and decided to not take it for granted.
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