Sociology Is A Neutral And Disciplined Science Essay

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Early sociologists debated what sociology consists of. Some, like Peter L. Berger, believed that it is a neutral science, that should disregard the sociologists’ values. Others, like C. Wright Mills, believed that it is a science that should aid people’s lives, that the sociologist must bring their-self with them onto the field, and the goal of having a desirable life consists of understanding how one’s own life connects with the facts of history. There are some similarities in what these sociologists believe sociology consists of including that it is used to change the society, and that it can be used to change society positively. In Invitation to Sociology Berger argues that sociology is a neutral and disciplined science. He makes his belief of sociology being a neutral science evident by stating “American sociologists today are employed by governmental agencies seeking to plan more livable communities for the nation. Other American sociologists are employed by governmental agencies concerned with wiping communities of hostile nations off the map…” (Berger, 3) Here he explains that the same agencies are employing sociologists of a common background for opposing duties of completing both benevolence and maliciousness. Since sociologists can complete benevolent actions- planning more livable communities for the nation- just as well as malicious actions- wiping communities off the map- this exposes that sociology truly is a neutral science. In this text Berger also points…

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