Sociology And Social Psychology : Symbolic Interactionism, Functionalism, And Conflict Theory

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The understanding of the three theoretical approaches you have to know what deviance mean in sociology. Deviance means any violation of norms and it is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant. For example, someone running over the speed limit sigh or as serious as murder. It doesn’t matter how minor or how big the act is only that it only the reaction it obtains from doing it. The three theoretical approaches are symbolic interactionism, functionalism, and conflict theory. Symbolic interactionism deals with mostly the micro-sociology and social psychology. In the theory of differential association it explains that when we have two groups with different attitudes and behaviors we inter imbalance where we have to choose which attitude or behavior we want, or just reject it. It about the small interactions that influences how we view life and the more we spend with them it would influence are behavior. The mostly influences we have in a symbolic interactionism is are family, neighborhoods and subcultures. Another theory is control theory where it is self-control and outer control of your actions to deviate. Its like going against the grain even through it may have bad consequences, but you don’t do them because of what you know internally about good and wrong, and from religious principles or your own conscience. The outer controls are your families, friends, and the police that shape your action in your behavior over time. There is…

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