Essay on Sociology And Common Sense Understanding

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Social Sciences (1)
Unit 1
Introduction to Sociology

The Distinction between Sociological understanding and Common Sense understanding (1.1)
Sociology and common-sense are very different. Sociology requires research and evidence. However, common-sense is based on our own personal experiences. Each individual person, has their own personal view that they believe to be fact, although it is not based on research, just personal opinion. Common-sense requires no research or evidence, whereas sociology does. Common sense can differ from person to person, plus group to group, depending on their backgrounds and environments.
Sociological research has shown many widely held common-sense ideas and explanations to be false. Brown (2011, p.4)

Discuss the distinction between the sociological approach and other social sciences. (1.2)
Sociology is part of a group of topics that are known as social sciences, this includes psychology.
Sociology is the study of society and human behaviour. It is the study of individual people and groups, and how they interact with each other. Whereas psychology is a science of the mind. A psychologist will study how we think, feel and behave as individuals.
Sociology is simply defined as the scientific study of human life, social groups, whole societies and the human world as such. Giddens (2013, p.4)
Psychology tends to focus on the behaviour of individuals, why they come to think and behave as they do and how their minds work. Brown (2011, p.8)…

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