Sociology : An Study Of Human Social Relationships And Foundations

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Nikole Scholes
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Words - 835 What is Sociology?
Sociology can be described as the study of human social relationships and foundations. It is the study of social behaviour or society including the origins, development and organisations. Macionis and Plummer (2012) defined sociology to be the “critical study of society, its studies the way people do things together” (Macionis and Plummer, 2012). Sociology offer a distinctive and educative way of seeing and understanding the social world. Sociology research aims to gain a deeper understanding and develop a broader knowledge of society that will help humans to understand the world in order to advance it. Here we address the history of sociology and its influential sociologist and some influential perspectives of society.
Sociology is the realisation of giving up a familiar or known idea that human behaviour is based only on what people decide to do but, by accepting that society guides our thoughts and actions. Sociological perspective is the concepts of ontology and epistemology, this is way we know things vs what things are. Sociologist have used quantitative and qualitative methods to study sociology in order to determine economic function and shifts in society. For example, the shift during the 18th century from feudalism to capitalism, this had a large impact on the aspects of sociology where social integration, social inequality and social reproduction began to be investigated. Macionis and…

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