Sociological Research Methods Chapter 2 Of The Book Sociology

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Sociological Research Methods chapter 2 of the book Sociology in Our Times explains why sociological research is necessary and how research is conducted as well as the various methods that can be used. Also this chapter explains what surveying is and how it is used for research. In addition, Readers learn about the ethical issues in research and what measures are taken to protect research participants. In the book The Meaning of Sociology, reading four, Readers learn how people make and develop correct generalizations about people or things. Also Readers gain knowledge about the meaning of categorizing and generalization. In addition, the Reader obtains knowledge of stereotypes and how those can cause people to react and feel about those stereotypes. Throughout reading these books I learned how various research methods and experiments are conducted and used to study society, in addition I learned the meanings to various words and how categories and stereotypes can affect people. One topic that I found interesting to me was military suicide and the reasons the book thought military personal was committing suicide. This really gained my attention, because being a military child myself, I have experienced different reasons as to why a military veteran or active duty service member would commit suicide. Many of those reasons are from P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which comes from being in a very traumatic situation. The majority of these suicides from my personal…

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