Sociological Perspective

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The study of human behavior is constantly being analyzed in order to understand the structure of society. Sociologists study the changes of society by looking at different perspectives that focus on specific small events and larger social patterns. They determine how people can ultimately influence and change society over time. Sociologists base their theories by using various theoretical perspectives that set the framework for their observations. One theoretical perspective is known as the conflict perspective, which was originated from Karl Marx and his work on class conflict. The conflict perspective focuses in the change of society by the rise of tension and conflict among different groups. It looks at how society is constantly competing …show more content…
Marx analyzed the conflict between the owners of the means of production and the workers. He studied how the owners of major companies had dominance over the workers due to the political, social, and economical factors that maintained their power. Marx theorized this type of system would lead to conflict between the owners and workers because the process wasn’t well balanced. Eventually, the workers would realize how they were only being used to the benefit of the owners by making them wealthier and more powerful, which would eventually lead them to rebel against them. In this case, changes would most likely be made, but it would again be in the best interest of the owner, leading to conflict once again. This is why society is in a constant cycle of conflict because changes are made to only benefit a specific group of people and not the entire society. The only way conflict could be reduced, he believed, was to create a new system that would bring equilibrium and stability for both groups. Although Marx focused in conflict between social classes, social conflict is commonly seen among people with different beliefs and ideologies. Marx work influenced others to study different types of conflicts relating to gender, religion, culture, and other society differences. Karl Marx’s work is know continued to be used by many sociologists in their study of social conflict. His work set the foundation for the conflict perspective and continues to be used as a way to understand society and

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