Essay on Sociological Perspective Toward Social Problems

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The sociological viewpoint toward social problems 1) Citing our textbook material, explain how the sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches. Why are certain problems considered significant and others are not?
Sociology is still a relatively young science and started from the need, not only to understand social structures, individuals and groups and their relationships, but also how to change them. It deals with the origin, development and contexts of society and tries to explain them from general principles out. Between theory and practice some areas of special importance need to be mentioned, such as the study of the social institutions like family, economy, and education. Sociology works on a methodical approach to see the origin of a social problem. "From a sociological perspective, problems and their solutions don’t just involve individuals; they also have a great deal to do with the social structures in our society." C. Wright Mills (Leon-Guerrero 6). Some problems are more important than others to certain parts of society. It depends on where one lives and what is becoming a problem of society as whole. That now always need to be the same problems, but often significant problems deal with poverty, crime, crowding, pollution, and collapsing infrastructures (Leon-Guerrero 369). What is for America a problem did not need to be a problem in Germany or India, or the other way around. Each society has their own troubles. 2) Next,…

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