Sociological Perspective On The Sociological Imagination Essay

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The sociological imagination is one of the classic statements about the sociological perspective that comes from C. Wright Mills. He simply describes it as a quality of mind that all social analysts seem to possess and “…that allows us to understand the relationship between our individual circumstances and larger social forces” (Ferris and Stein 12). By this, he means “the intersection between biography and history” (Ferris and Stein 13). The difference between sociological thought, and thought which falls upon imagination; according to Mills, it is not enough to professors of sociology, it is the training that all must attempt (Fisher, “What Would Make the Best Society?”). Mills claimed that people-based research has come to be guided more by necessities in relation to managing and running a company instead of knowledgeable concerns. It has become the gathering of facts for the purpose of helping administrative decisions. To satisfy the promise of social science, it needs people to focus on fundamental problems and relate to these problems to structural and historical features of the sociocultural system. These features have significance to people because they greatly affect a person’s character, values, and behavior. Since the word utopia comes from the Greek language, it defines a place that people can only dream about, which would be a true paradise and a perfect society. Microsociology allows the analysis to study small group collaborations, but can fail to cogitate the…

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