Sociological Observation Essay

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I began my Sociological Observation Paper at the town’s local baseball field. It was about 8:30 p.m. when the game began, and it was about this time when I noticed the connections between the baseball players and the weary watchers. The event can be called a sort of an aggregate, a term used to describe a group of people found at a certain place at a certain time which I became acquainted with on the 25th of June towards the end of the class lecture. While there, I was a bit absent-minded, seeing as I had take notes of the behavior of the people watching while keeping close ties to the players’ interactions with one another.
I recall the towering posts which seemed to oversee the game, showering the ballpark with light. Describing the
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As for side conversations, people spoke to each other in cheery tones. Their interactions were even more distinct, I observed them gesturing with their hands, whispering, and demonstrating what is it they were talking about. I cannot exactly address a general form of apparel used by the public, but I can state by observation that loose clothing was worn in order to combat the humidness and heat of the evening.
A norm that was applicable to Monday nights’ baseball game was that it was customary to cheer. Every person is given the ability to control their own actions, but for a moment I centered my attention on the crowds’ response to the baseball player’s decisions. Seeing as it is brought upon by society, titling cheering as a norm sounds justifiable. Another norm I seemed to pass by was the fact that the ball park was a center of communication. Where there are people there are interactions to take place; why would any members of the crowd choose to visit the game-site to socialize, of all other places in town like the mall, the movie theatre, or even their own home as a center of socialization?
Furthermore, in order to describe the statuses of specific members of the crowd I was driven to analyze their actions on a closer level (Chapter 5, pg 120). I concluded that some people yielded more than one status at that

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