Sociological Imagination Is Defined By C. Wright Mills Essay

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Becoming Me Sociologists use the sociological imagination in every aspect of their field. The sociological imagination is defined by C. Wright Mills (1959) to be the ability to look beyond social structure to recognize the social ties between which individuals form their behaviors (5). The sociological imagination has countless practical uses but is generally used on a large scale to understand and explore the aspects of societies. Less often, the sociological imagination is used to sociologically examine an individual, or a “self,” which is defined to be “a person’s distinct identity that is developed through social interaction” (OpenStax College 2015:96). Consequently, one can use the sociological imagination to explore one’s “self” and how they came to be it and how they came to hold the values that they cherish.
In this essay, I will use the sociological imagination to explore myself, or my “self,” and how I became it, while focusing on a value that I cherish, by describing the social interaction that took place through the socialization that I have received and continued to receive through the agents of socialization present in my life: family, religion, and education, and how they each nurtured the adoption of my value. Then, I will discuss the social stratification present or not present in my life, how it influences who I am in modern American culture, and how it relates to the value I cherish. Finally, I will explore what I would like my future “self” to look…

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