Sociological Imagination And Social Issues Essay

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The concept of sociological imagination is fundamental in accepting where one fits in in society. In order to understand sociological imagination, one must identify what sociology is and what sociologists study. Sociological imagination is described as the relationship between personal life and the world. This allows us to grasp and form connections between history and biography. The intent of sociological imagination is to observe the bigger picture of the world; to distinguish personal troubles from public issues. The central argument of sociological imagination is shown in The Promise, Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia’s Dead-End Kids, and The Forest, the Trees, and the One Thing. Each article discusses looking beyond an individual level but rather look at everything as a whole. U.S. Traffic Deaths: Bigger Percent Jump in 50 Years gives another real life example of people utilizing the concepts of the sociological imagination to make connections. The concept of personal troubles versus social a part of sociological imagination which is presented in the articles. According to C. Wright Mills, the distinction between personal troubles of milieu and public.issues of social structures is an essential tool of sociological imagination. He defines troubles as “occurring within the character of the individual and within the range of his immediate relations with others” and issues as “having to do with matters that transcend these local.environments of the individual and…

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