Sociological Concepts Through A Film Essay

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Examining sociological concepts through a film was an interesting task to do. It was a completely different way of watching a movie. Being able to pull out themes and concepts that we have learned in this sociology class was a great way to learn and understand from a different standpoint. Issues of race, gender, and social class were the main concepts of the movie “Crash.” The concept of race is the main focal point that the movie revolves around; both implicit and explicit. Many concepts could be analyzed, but the focus was mainly on the three issues listed above. The main goal of my analysis of this film is to go in depth with each of these three issues by providing examples from the movie and providing more sociological concepts that further describe race, gender, and social class.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles, California and is placed over a forty-eight hour period. It intertwines the lives of several desperate individuals as they each deal with tense race relations that lie within the city in the aftermath of 9/11. Several stories take place within the movie with inter-related characters. It starts off with an African American police detective (Don Cheadle) who deals with a thieving younger brother and a drugged out mother whose younger brother, Peter is a criminal and gang associate (Ludacris) whom carjack two wealthy couples. There is a distracted district attorney (Brendan Fraser) and his pampered and exasperated wife (Sandra Bullock), a veteran cop (Matt…

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