Socioeconomic Status And HIV Analysis

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6. Discussion
The results from this review highlight the complex interaction between socioeconomic status and HIV. All the different were universal in showing a significant association between low SES and HIV. Due to the fact that socioeconomic status encompasses a vast range of factors, it impacts HIV directly and indirectly, affecting transmission of the disease, management, drug adherence and overall quality of life of HIV positive individuals.
A common trend in the articles was the association between lack of socioeconomic resources and high risk behaviours. Low SES is linked to less frequent use of condoms, early initiation of sexual intercourse (coitarche), multiple sexual partners due to trading sex for financial gains. Livak et al indicated
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The rate of new HIV infections per 100,000 among Black adults/adolescents (68.9) was nearly 8 times that of whites (8.7) and more than twice that of Latinos (27.5) in 2010. The rate for Black men (103.6) was the highest of any group, more than twice that of Latino men (45.5), the second highest group. Black women (38.1) had the third highest rate overall and the highest among women (1). However, a study by Ickovics et al showed that this correlation is enhanced by low socioeconomic status and not race alone. As minority populations make up more of the lower socioeconomic class, they experience more stress which promotes high risk behaviours (18). Also, the high risk social networks due to racial residential segregation and high incarceration rates may account for the disparity in HIV rates among ethnic …show more content…
Homeless men and women engage in high risk behaviours (IV drug use, sharing needles, inconsistent condom use and prostitution) that contribute to the high rates of HIV/AIDS in this group. Homeless adolescents and single women experience higher rates of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and violence increasing their risk of HIV significantly.
Finally, HIV infection also affects socioeconomic status negatively. The physical and mental toll HIV causes on the body may make it difficult for HIV positive individuals to cope with the demands of their job. Also, due to stigmatization, they may be forced to resign from their jobs resulting in the loss of stable income, plunging them into a lower socioeconomic status.

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