Essay Socioeconomic Status And Gender Status

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Every year, hundreds to thousands of children will go to schools that are unequally funded and obsolete. Some children must sit in classrooms as their taught by underqualified teachers. They are forced to endure the disadvantages of attending these institutions on a daily basis, feeling there’s no positive outcome of their situation, stemming from their socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic Status is the measure used to identify an individual or family 's income, education, and social status when compared to others. This measure is also used to determine how families live and the quality of education their child receives. Born in a non-affluent neighborhood, I have been a victim of this issue and I would not want to wish this on someone else. The disparity in schools based on socioeconomic status are shocking. What is more troubling of this issue is our obliviousness to it.
The first thing that’s noticeable of low-income schools when compared to their more affluent counterparts is the achievement gap. Historically, Lower income schools tend to have less qualified teachers, significantly impacting the learning of children and young adults who attend them. (1) In a journal article published by Arizona State University, researchers studying the student achievement gap have also found that schools serving students from low-income communities tend to employ teachers who, when compared to those who work in high-income schools, are less qualified on a number of measures. It…

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