Socioeconomic Inequality Between Urban And Rural Areas Essay

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Within the ICESR, there are four essential elements that member States must apply to when executing the obligations and provisions of the covenant to which they agreed to: availability, accessibility (physical, economic, and information), acceptability, and quality. As aforementioned, as a poor developing nation, Bangladesh lacks in all four elements. Nevertheless, Bangladesh has been commended “as a role-model for other developing countries in the region” ( In terms of accessibility, LGBT communities face discrimination and criminalization while trying to access healthcare services. In some cases, there is exclusion by medical professionals of religiously and culturally marginalized groups. There is great socioeconomic inequality between urban and rural areas. However, both urban and rural areas face problems of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Due to the fact that most doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals work or prefer to work in urban areas, those living in rural areas who need medical treatment face long, strenuous and expensive journeys to adequate health facilities. Transportation is sparse and even a danger, in some cases, due to poor roads and infrastructure. As a result, this denies much of the poorer population, concentrated in rural areas, access to private healthcare, which in itself is costly, and even public healthcare in some cases, as it is based on a prepayment method. One may be able to comprehend that those in…

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