Socio Economic And Environmental Change Essay

1375 Words Oct 12th, 2014 6 Pages
Ranging from the modernisation of a country to the experience of small islands that threatened by rises of the sea level, most countries including developed countries somehow vulnerable to climate change. Vulnerability is a condition that is difficult to measure as mostly is based on the approximation (Parsons, 2014). Vulnerability occurs not only because of environmental change, but also on socio-economic characteristics such as poverty and inequality governance. This demonstrates that it also relates to consequences or actions taken by the society (Parsons, 2014). Therefore, in this essay will discuss how the ongoing processes of socio-economic and environmental change interact with and shape patterns of vulnerability.

The issue of poverty in a country somehow could interact and shape patterns of vulnerability. As the poor commonly often face a severe condition such as hardly to satisfy their basic needs for instance, shelter and finding food (Moser, 1997). This demonstrates that the level of vulnerability among the underprivileged is massively high as they have to adjust to the situations and what sort of actions to generate resources in order to survive (Moser, 1997). However, the issue of poverty is not only occurring among the poor, but rather also occur those who lived in the urban communities (Moser, 1997). For instance, whether the minimum wage is enough and suitable with the standard of living in the country or whether the facilities provided by the government…

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