Socio Cultural Construction Of Gender Identity Essay

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The Socio-Cultural Construction of Gender Identity
I. Introduction
Gender Identity is one of the most intriguing and intricately challenging topics among developmental scientists today. However, it is only recently that this topic became of interest to research and studies. Such studies go on to analyze and experiment with infants, children as well as adolescents and adults to find the root of this social-cultural ‘handicap.’ Where do these types of associations come from? Why do they exist? These are the kinds of questions scientist try to answer. Gender identity has been associated to both cultural and social motives; what is accepted in a culture and what society deems as suitable are strong incentives towards the development of a gender identity. But the study of the socio-cultural impact on gender identity aims to find out why certain behaviors and objects are suitable for one sex and not the other and when and how those impacts start develop. As mentioned above gender identity can be somewhat of a handicap; to further explain this idea, this ‘handicap’ goes on to establish cultural and social norms prescribed to sex (male/female) which in turn facilitate rules as to what a male/female can do and how they should behave. Above all, these rules prescribe restrictions to the sexes both physically and emotionally/mentally. Social norms become so engraved into society that it itself establishes precepts for men and women and at times if these norms are violated, for…

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