Essay about Society 's Women For Lack Of Modesty

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Although society criticizes women for lack of modesty, contradictorily society has set the false impression in women 's minds that in order for a woman to attract a man; she must present herself in a certain sexual manner. Instead of women being idolized and appreciated for their intelligence and strength, women have been falsely taught that they must use sex to attract a man. This type of attraction tends to encourage the wrong kind of men.
Women 's bodies have been depicted as sexual objects for males’ pleasure. Throughout history, women have been expected to cover their bodies and taught it was disgraceful to do otherwise. Women are socially restricted when it comes to what they are allowed to wear because of the biased associations attached to appearance. A family who believes in modesty must believe in modesty for both men and women. If a man can show his body, then a woman deserves the same right to show hers.
The sexual double standards within our society have led to the ridicule of women. Women face extremely harsh harassments everyday of their lives because of the biased opinions around them. Women face this harassment online, in school, at work, and essentially anywhere where judgment can be placed.
Women are targeted for slut shaming for numerous reasons. A woman who dresses immodestly is a prime target for this type of harassment. Slut shaming typically stems from the presumed sexual activity of women. These assumptions can be based strictly on appearance or…

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