Essay about Society 's Views On Gay Marriage

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(2) Society’s views on gay marriage is split in my opinion. Thankfully, society has progressed nd has become far more accepting on gay marriage than earlier years. However, there is still a large number of people who are still not accepting gay marriage. There are two sides, one that is for gay marriage and doesn’t mind if two people of the same sex get married, and one side that is completely against that concept. The side that is accepting of gay marriage usually do not care if two people of the same sex get married because it doesn’t concern them, nor is their business. For example, former classmates said it’s “none of their business” if any two people decide to get married. Additionally the many people on the side for gay marriage believe that everyone should get an equal opportunity to wed. For example, I believe that since every human was created equal, every human should have right to wed whomever they desire. It shouldn’t matter if they are gay or not. As long as they are happy, it should be fine. However, not everyone believes in that notion. Many people that are against gay marriage usually are very religious and believe that it is a “sin” to be homosexual. For example a person that I know, whom I don’t want to name due to privacy, believes that “it’s going against God” to be gay, and that they use the bible, God mentioned that homosexuality was a “sin” or something along those lines (I haven’t read the Bible yet.), so they think that is enough reasoning to be…

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