Society 's View On Prejudice Essays

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Societies view on prejudice has become a major role in news outlets. Everyday there are new videos on Facebook and other social media discussing the ongoing discrimination called ‘black lives matter’. Americans are continuously surrounded by racist remarks like the following: blondes have more fun, temper like a ginger, illegal as a Mexican, smart as an Asian, or trailer trash. Most racist remarks are hurtful to others, but even a preconception such as ‘all Asians are smart’ can be hurtful towards others; if everyone assumes that Asians are all geniuses, how will that make the boy or girl who struggles through school feel? When did the majority of the population let their words become hurtful to others? When did people start promoting racist remarks by are actions? Racism is encouraged and learned in movies and from our friends.
When watching a genera of movie it can be exciting to guess how the movie will end. A romance movie is somewhat predictable, a guy will see a beautiful girl, normally a fit blonde, across the room and as soon as their eyes meet they have a connection. Throughout the movie they will fall madly in love with each other in a few short days until something tragic happens, such as one of the guys’ previous girlfriend kissing him at the same moment as the love of his life walks through the door. They breakup only for the woman to realize in the last three minutes of the movie that she cannot live without him and even though she has only known him for a…

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