Society 's View Of Women Essay

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In “Three Girls,” Oates uses the two NYU girl poets and Marilyn Monroe to display issues of society’s view of women during the 1950’s. The reader will be introduced to two girl poets in Strand Used Books, searching for their desired book as they routinely do. Both girl poets will later find themselves witnessing Marilyn Monroe in disguise. The reader may be led to interpret that this could have been Marilyn Monroe’s truest self and not what she was popularized for in media. The three girls will find that they all desire to break the barriers of society. The two girl poets and Monroe experience difficulty becoming comfortable with who they are due to desiring to challenge society’s view of their appearance, sexuality, and identity.
Society believed women should dress feminine-like, frowning upon a tomboyish appearance. The three girls wore masculine-like clothing, thus breaking the social norm of what a woman is expected to dress. The two girl poets wore “army-surplus jackets, baggy khaki pants, and zip-up rubber boots” (92). The two girl poets, seemingly, wanted to defy society’s view of women. The girl poets state that they “were not ‘conventional’ females” (92). The girl poets state they “shared male contempt for the merely ‘conventional’ female” (92). Marilyn Monroe wore “a man’s navy coat to her ankles and with sleeves past her wrists, a man’s beige fedora hat on her head, scrunched low … and most of her hair hidden by the hat … and she wore black trousers…

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